Architectural/Residential Catalog

Defining Space with light Task & Ambiance

Lighting the Night LED Solar Ring

Fully dimmable LED ring is a unique system designed to enhance an existing solar light tube, turning it into a light source after sunset.  

Recharging of the power source is supplied by the sun in four (4) to six (6) hours and results in 12 to 20 hours of light, depending on intensity level chosen. 

The system is simple to install and comes with one (1) key-fob style remote controller for “ON”/ “OFF” plus full dimming.  It is flexible and capable of multiple positions.

High Lumen Output Fiber Driver

 100 Lumen 1 watt Led driving light down Fiber optic tube.
Chassis is Anodized Aluminum with a compression fitting allowing a size range of Fiber Optic cable to be placed into unit.

Mini Series

Fully dimmable, ultra-bright, small LED draws less than 350 mili-amps and can be daisy-chained.

Each light comes with Bezel Holder.

LED LIGHT COLOR / QUALITY:  Cool 5500K  on the Kelvin temperature scale with a life-expectancy of 75,000 to 100,000 hours.

MOUNTING:  Fits inside 1" diameter hole of 5/4" depth with extra room for wire routing.

BEZEL HOLDER MATERIAL:  High-impact polycarbonate.